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Our Story

Nikssarian Insurance Services, Inc. offers you group health insurance expertise cultivated by people experienced in serving California businesses since 1980. Since our independent company's humble beginning in 2003, we have grown to become a prominent and accomplished brokerage firm in the Central Coast area. Our specialty lies in group health plans, where we work with employers to find the best plans and services for their employees, utilizing our reputable carrier network.

Our Skills

We bring a wide set of skills to the table, ranging from seasoned insight into industry trends to proficiency in computer science and modern technology, to experience with the graphic arts. Not only is it our mission to help you find the best health plan, but we're always educating ourselves on the progression of technology to provide you with efficient and clear documents, for whatever your needs may be.

We Go Beyond

Knowledge means opportunity.​


When we say we offer exemplary service-driven client relationships, we truly mean it. Your needs come first, and we proudly work hard to serve you beyond the industry standard. Leveraging 40 years of multi-industry expertise, we ensure you can:


Understand every available health plan at a glance to find the best option to save you money.


Trust in the legal reliability of our custom proprietary Annual Open Enrollment documents.


Protect yourself against costly compliance errors and hidden penalties from complex health care laws.

Nikssarian Insurance Services, Inc.

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